Reset to Amazing Week 10: the unseen pain

We’re going into Week 10 (again) of our Team RLEI Reset Program to Live Amazing that restarts every 100 days. This time around we are sharing weekly tips on how you can improve your score and health numbers. (Take the Shaklee HEALTHPRINT for your wellness assessment.) Follow along and transform your health! Our culture tends to promote experiential avoidance which keeps us “stuck” in grief (and many other emotions). We often think grief and pain will go away if we can just avoid it long enough but it usually just gets harder and lasts longer. And emotional pain and trauma are as detrimental to our health in the long run as a tangible, physical pain. There are strategies to work through emotional pain naturally too: 1. Allow yourself to grieve internally (and take part in the stages of it at your own pace) but also to mourn externally and socially. Allowing others to support you is important for the healing process. 2. Say no to the “normal” things you can’t handle, and don’t feel guilty about it. 3. Try to sleep and let your body rest, emotional pain exhausts you. 4. Nurture the body with pampering activities. 5. Eat to give the body the energy it needs to process grief and pain, like veggies, fruits, and nuts. 6. Let out all the stuff you have stuffed inside, the stuff you might not be ready to speak out loud, the things you wanted to tell someone but didn’t get a chance. Write whatever will help you on your journey through grief. 7. Live in the present moment with your loved ones as much as possible, remember joy. 8. Be kind and gentle and loving to yourself and don’t pressure yourself to go through the process perfectly. Sometimes just surviving is enough.

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