Halfway From Cronut To Kale

Some humor is always appropriate for Monday motivation! If you’re on the journey, whatever point you’re at, you’re already on your way!

Using Your Brain To Workout Smarter

“That person reading a book on the treadmill may be on to something. A University of Florida study published last month in PLOS ONE showed that older people may be able to exercise more intensely by doing two things at once. The scientists examined 20 healthy people with an average age of 73, and 28…

Are You Summer Ready?

Are the kiddos out of school? Are you planning your summer vacation activities? Any trips planned with the family? Beach weather, pool time, swimsuits. Get outside, feel the sun on your skin (don’t forget your sunscreen protection), and get ready to enjoy all that this time of year has to offer!

Push Past June Gloom

Let’s get outside and exercise all. month. long. “…Seven ways your workout will benefit you immediately. It’ll boost creativity. A thirty-minute aerobic workout can increase your creativity for up to two hours post-exercise, according to one study. Want to supercharge the effects? Take that workout outside—spending time in nature boosts the cognitive benefits. It’ll improve…