4 generations of family. 5 decades of friends. 2 sisters on a mission to continue the legacy of their grandparent’s business, Robert L. Ewing, Inc. (now RLEI, Inc.). Join our team of Shaklee Members and Ambassadors as a powerful force for change! We call this step by step process TEAM RLEI…the Turn It Around Team!  Let’s go beyond Before & After. To a happily, healthily ever After-After! Are you looking for a Turnaround in your health? Your financial situation? Shaklee180 is the gateway to a whole new you.

Summer is our TrimminSlimm leader, she is on this road to healthy weight management right now, experiencing her own Turnaround. She is our blogger. And our resident Shaklee180 Specialist. (Sister #1)

Amanda is our GittinFitt leader, and now that she is Lean and Healthy, she has unleashed her inner athlete with Shaklee Sports Nutrition. And she is your guide with all the foundational Shaklee Nutrition products in general. (Sister #2) Check out her Shaklee180 story in pictures below, all leading to a Healthy Pregnancy ultimately…



To be on our Turn It Around Team:

1. Learn more about how Shaklee180 works in person at a future Shaklee180 Turnaround Party, via webinar, or anytime online at our website.

2. Purchase your 1st Shaklee180 Kit and customize flavors (everything you need arrives at your doorstep).

3. Stay in contact with us! Check in with this blog just for you to help with your goals, join us for a weekly “cheat treat” support meeting if you’re local (COMING SOON), or participate in our weekly check-up conference calls. And use the tools provided as part of the Shaklee180 program – workout videos, recipes, and meal plans. Track your progress with one of the many free apps like My Fitness Pal.

4. You can also put your Kit on AutoShip (known as a Loyalty Order) to receive it automatically every month.

And then there’s this…
You can be a part of our growing Business Team. To earn an INCOME as a Shaklee180 Specialist:

5. Become a Shaklee Ambassador to get everything you need, your “business in a box”, to host your own Shaklee180 Parties.

6. Celebrate with us as you experience your own health transformation, earn money, and help others do the same!