Sweat, Eat, Sweat, Repeat

Routine is actually helpful when trying to stick with a weight loss program. So, sweat, eat, sweat, repeat? 🙂

All Signs Point To Unhealthy

Too bad all the extra fattening calories we consume don’t scream “STOP” at us before we eat them! They tend to look a lot better than they feel, and there’s the problem. A recent study has linked the messages around us, at least the visual ones, to our unhealthy eating habits as a society. “When…

Should You Workout Today?

The answer is pretty much “Yes”. But this self-help guide is good for a laugh and some extra motivation.

Recovering From Injuries Of All Kinds

The greatest injury of all are the things we say to ourselves that prevent us from being at our best. They can really get you down. And it hurts, emotionally and physically even at times. De-stressing, meditating, even joining a support group are all things we can do to “recover” from damaging self-talk. Here are…

Take Your Brain For A Lap Around The Block

“We don’t often think about taking our brain on a brisk walk or run but that’s the advice British researchers are offering after studying the potential benefits of exercise for staving off dementia. Professor Clive Ballard researches age-related diseases at Kings College London and found that exercise has a more noticeable impact on slowing cognitive…