#60 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

60. Post this somewhere you can see it, then live by it. Don’t get discouraged, don’t starve yourself on a fad diet, don’t forget we’re here to support you! And DO drink a glass of water right now.

#57 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

57. Time to be fully aware! From “Why Awareness Fuels High Level Performance” By Pragito Dove “Awareness is a quality of being awake and present in the moment. All great athletic performances are an example of how awareness fuels high level performance. How does this apply to our, perhaps more mundane, lives? How can we…

#54 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

54. Get the edge on getting fit. Shaklee Sports Nutrition products can help you take it to the next level and they can work in tandem with your Shaklee180 program. You can go from couch potato to weekend warrior to super athlete, start today!

#52 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

52. Haha! That’s why you never want to “diet” and traditional “diets” never work. You don’t want to starve yourself skinny. Feel full, have sustained energy, and lasting results with the Shaklee180 weight management program instead.

#49 of 180 WAYS 2013 IS DIFFERENT!

49. Do you dread Mondays? Is it because you feel drained before the work week even begins? Have you figured out why you don’t have the energy to jump right into it? It could be a lack of restful sleep. 6 to 8 hours to be at your best! It could be taking the weekend…