Sip The Summertime Away

Care for a divinely refreshing, cooling berry blast as your summertime breakfast Energizing Smoothee? Just add a couple scoops of Shaklee180 vanilla or strawberry flavored Mix, blend, & sip away!

10,000 Steps In Stride

“Oh, the tyranny of 10,000. That’s the number of steps experts tell us to take each day to stay in good shape. Ten thousand steps are a physical and mathematical challenge for me, because I sit and write at home all day. Here are the sad numbers. I take about 1,000 steps a day just…

Snack Attack!

Especially during the summertime when children are coming and going, have these healthy snack combos ready on hand!

Setback Schmetback

From “3 Ways to Reset Your Diet After a Setback” By Linda Spangle RN MA “A couple months ago, I headed out the door to take Peppy, my cocker spaniel, for a walk. About a block from my house, I slipped on some loose dirt and fell down hard on the sidewalk. It took a…

Grill ‘Em Up

I’ll add 1 more to this list of yummy candidates for the grill: pineapple! Put some pineapple kebobs together for your own, healthy luau!