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Now through 12/6, share the gift that is always in season with the holiday Good Health Gift Guide! Customers and Members will receive 15% off Gift Guide products when they purchase three or more. And the Gift Guide has something for everyone on your holiday shopping list, including busy moms, beauty lovers, kids, and fitness…


Our precision-based approach is a more sophisticated and robust way to create personalized recommendations, ensuring that every Meology plan considers all of the individual things about someone as well as how those things interact and come together to make them unique. Meology also narrows from more than 110 MILLION possible supplement combinations and then refines…

Live Well, Live Long

On November 23rd at 4pm, we will be hosting our next event at this new location, a Nutrition focused Longevity Workshop. Refreshments provided, as well as MindWorks samples for brain health to take home! Come on out and join us! -Summer & Amanda

Make A Natural Medicine Cabinet

On September 14th at 4pm, we will be hosting our next event at this new location, an Immunity focused Natural Medicine Cabinet Workshop. Refreshments provided, as well as fizzy tablets! Come on out and join us! -Summer & Amanda

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We’re starting the Prove It Challenge on August 12th. Want to join us and prove it to yourself that you can feel so much better? One time purchase only for $159 and FREE shipping! Accept the challenge HERE.  

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HEALTHPRINT™ Special Offers | Reset as of 8/17 | Offers End 12/31/18 Healthprint is designed to help people get on the path to better health. And to support people who are kicking off (or continuing) their health journey, we’ve created two special offers for Members or Distributors who complete a Healthprint Assessment and make a first…

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I say stop the madness. Make the gift giving and receiving season about stuff that really matters, like gaining more quality time for memories, toasting to good health, and creating happiness. You can still get great deals on things you can’t really put a price on. (And you can do it 24/7/365 online for everyone on your list.) Like living…