Chalk Your Feelings

It’s called “Chalktivism”. It’s a way to share your messages with the world in a creative, positive, and non-destructive way. It’s also temporary, with very little investment, but can be very effective.

Last weekend, we joined a worldwide vegan “Chalkbomb” event with a group of friends and we chalked all over a bridge walkway between a local University and the nearby shopping center. We talked with some student passerbys and shared our motivation for chalking and for being activists.

This was what we wrote:

“The path to peace is on your plate. Non-violence. Help build a bridge to a kinder world. Walk with us, open your heart, live compassionately. Vegans long for a world with justice for all. Choose vegan for your health. For the planet. For the animals. Vegan revolution. Be a part of it. Vegan chalk challenge.”

Here at hw, we encourage everyone to eat a plant-based diet for a healthier life. And because we believe in filling your mind, body, and spirit with more LOVE.

-Summer & Amanda

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