“If there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.” –Anonymous, Chinese Proverb


How do you feel these days on a scale of blah to blissful? We’re real people too, we know just how much energy it takes to live life to the fullest, with our typical ‘round the clock schedules. From the most basic of our caloric energy requirements to the flow of Qui energy in our bodies, the energy zappers like stress overload, lack of sleep, sickness, and the energetic high from a little bit of sunshine, it takes considerable E for effort to keep ourselves and priorities aligned. Some things can be bottled for our use, and some things should only be embraced-like air, water, and vitamins F(un), L(aughter), and M(usic). We may often be creatures of good and bad habits, but we are also part of the cycles of nature that keep us connected to all creatures big and small-bacteria, algae, fungi, animals, and plants. There is no I in WEllness when it comes to living in harmony with nature in these contemporary times. We start every month with a Harmonizing Jamboree event (COMING SOON) to restore, recharge, and reignite that intrinsic light that is the spark for everything else. We are committed to showing you how to harness the energy for all the things in your life that matter to you so that you can have a whole life. Our promise to you is a non-toxic atmosphere, cruelty-free experience, and eco-friendly attitude guiding everything we do. With our Renewing EnergE initiative (COMING SOON), 1 cent of every 1 dollar retail sale gets donated to a non-profit organization that advances renewable energy education and implementation!


  • Seeking out super, power, and whole food remedies
  • Avoiding convenience, processed, and GMO food choices
  • Advocating for humane practices, compassionate options, and zero animal testing policies
  • Simplifying, like clearing out mental chaos and clutter, without sacrificing
  • Allowing expression of genuine and authentic emotions
  • Finding a physical homeostasis
  • Searching for spiritual enlightenment
  • Having a career that’s a calling
  • Giving to worthy causes and charities
  • Using salvaged and upcycled furnishings and fixtures in our space
  • Using post consumer and compostable carry out materials and supplies
  • Leaving a lighter carbon footprint by conservation and offsetting
  • Surrounding ourselves in Zen luxury style
  • Pampering with care, comfort, and attention
  • Spotlighting cultural song and dance
  • Highlighting hand-made, home-based crafters and artists