Swollen Feet Got You Down?

Are you sitting pretty or on the run these days? In other words, have you been getting some daily movement in or are you sidelined because of swollen feet? Here’s how you can get back in the game… “Are you coping with swelling? Check out some of these natural solutions to help relieve swollen feet…

Forgetting What?

If you can relate, you might want to try Shaklee’s new “MindWorks” product!

Paying For Sick Food

Make your money go further for your health! Ask yourself these questions, is it fresh? Is it nutrient dense? Organic? Non-GMO? Is it healthy for you or are you just shooting yourself in the foot with every bite or sip?

Have You Experienced Fat Shaming?

What motivates you? Personally, someone “shaming” me about what I am doing or how I look does NOT help. It makes me want to hide and give in to unhealthy habits and behaviors, feeling defeated and embarrassed. Can you relate? I am motivated by the positive things to look forward to when I reach my…

Test Your Heart Smarts

Which SmartHeart healthy solutions Regimen is right for you? Learn more about how you can support a healthy heart!

Listen To Your Heart AND Your Gut

‘Maintaining a healthy gut isn’t as easy as popping a magic pill. “If you’re going to use probiotics, then drink, smoke and eat badly, that’s not going to cut it,” says Georgianna Donadio, PhD, nutritionist and founder of the National Institute of Whole Health. “The entire system must be in sync; the flora is just…

Train Your Body, Train Your Brain Too!

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