Love Yourself Healthy & Happy

“It’s not news that for women, body image is a loaded topic. With fat shaming, catcalling, and unsolicited comments about our hair, it’s no wonder some of us turn into full-on Frank Underwood neurotics when it comes to how we look. There are numerous ways to remind you that you’re valuable and lovable, regardless of…

Overcoming The Struggle

Take this Monday morning as an opportunity to start over & overcome your weight struggle.

Red Wine And Your Waistline

Happy Valentine’s Day! There are many things you can eat & drink over the weekend that are both good and bad for your waistline and in turn, good and bad for your heart health. So choose wisely! And most importantly, snuggle up with your loved ones, which is always good for mind, body, AND soul….

Wear Red For Your Heart Today, Shed A Layer To Lose Weight

“When it comes to weight loss, you are what you … wear. That’s right. Wearing certain clothes can help you shed pounds. And I’m not talking about binding yourself with cellophane or investing in hot suits to shed water weight. No, the clothes you wear to work or at home can affect your scale by…