Put That Body To Work

Why not make Labor Day, also the 1st day of September, your official restart day for an exercise program? Put that body to work! “Whether you need to get back on the exercise bandwagon or were never on it in the first place, it’s never too late to incorporate fitness into your routine. Here are…

Let Your Glow Shine Out

We all tend to put limitations on ourselves without even thinking about it consciously. Many of us never feel good enough. Or confident in what we really desire. And it becomes just another bad habit to not even try to imagine, or set a new goal, because it always seems like it will be futile…

2 New Family Members Ready For A 180!

This week 2 new family members will be joining us in a Shaklee180 journey! Jason & Ashley, husband & wife, (grandson/nephew/cousin) ordered their Turnaround Kits today, customized with the flavors they are most looking forward to. It will be exciting to share their updates along the way so stay tuned! Meanwhile, check out these Success…

Your Welcome Email

Purchase your first Turnaround Kit today and this is what your welcome to Shaklee 180 email will look like. From there you’ll have access to so much information that will help you maximize the whole program and help you take your shape in a whole new direction!

The Small Victories On And Off The Scale

The loose pants. The wedding ring that slides off and on the finger easier. Being able to lift heavier weights. They are all victories in the getting healthier journey! It’s not about the numbers on the scale, it’s about how you look and feel in the end.