A Really Balanced Diet

A balanced diet means many things. I like to think of it as making sure to have a colorful amount of plant food servings everyday, a lot of healthy calories in AND a lot of calories out, everything not so healthy in moderation, & filling in the nutritional gaps with smart supplementation while eliminating as…

Don’t Give Up Just Before The Miracle

Especially yourself. This past week a miraculous testimonial was shared by Jacqui McCoy, a Shaklee 180 product user and former contestant on the TV show, “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition”: “A couple nights ago I went to the Emergency Room because I was having stomach pain and digestive issues. I didn’t know what was wrong….

Negativity Gets You Nowhere

Today, instead of beating yourself up with negative self-talk about your current weight or health state, replace it with a positive action and a step in the right direction.

You Are Not Your Fingernails

What a profound reminder as we jump right into spring and all the new beginnings it offers to mind, body, & soul!

An Inspired Life Is A Changed Life

We’d add to laugh more to this list below, since we know it’s one of life’s great “cure-alls”. From “35 Quick Tips for Changing Your Life” By InspireMeToday.com “Love with your heart, not your eyes. Pick your battles wisely. Never, ever give up: you might miss the miracle! Believe in miracles. There is beauty everywhere;…

Picture Yourself On The Emerald Isle With Your Green Smoothee

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go go go fighting Irish! Go go go green with your Energizing Smoothee! You might not be able to take a trip to the Emerald Isle anytime soon, but you can live the green life in your mind. These tasty, healthier shamrock shake combinations are just the beginning… You can use…

The Final Verdict

This month there is a great article published in Dr. Oz’s new magazine on what is the final verdict: does exercise or diet matter most when it comes to losing weight? They are definitely both critical, but as the last line says, “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet”. For your long term diet goals, stick…

March In Place

6 packs? Not just for the pubs on Patty’s Day this year 😉