Healing On The Horizon

I call it “ocean therapy”. But really it’s just the best therapy in the world, which is taking the time to connect with nature. I believe it resets your whole being, like the inner rhythms that follow the light and dark of the Sun to the same call of the Moon that regulates the waves of the ocean. Our sleep cycles, our menstrual cycles, even our breathing patterns are all part of the same oneness with the natural world. It doesn’t have to be the ocean, I am also drawn to water of any kind and trees of forests. Some people feel a tug to the deserts or mountain tops. It’s a call to the wild that should be answered by all of us, in every modern setting.

We stopped at Swami’s Point in Encinitas along the southern California coast for a sunset reflection and to breathe in that beach air on my husband’s 36th birthday this week. This past month we have been through a lot, from a major health ordeal to several losses. And it never fails — some healingĀ can be found on the horizon.


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