Reset to Amazing: Days 99-100

(Click to enlarge.) It’s Week 15 (again) of our Team RLEI Reset Program to Live Amazing. We are breaking it down into 7 steps in 7 days every week to help you reset with your wellness goals. Follow along and transform your health! The 15th week is focused on a Healthy Earth. We only have 1 planet and our ultimate wellness is dependent on the entire ecosystem we are a part of on it. By doing your part for the environment, you are doing your healthy future a favor as well. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of eco-friendly actions you can start any time to make a difference, the most important thing is to just do something. For details, please reference: Keep journaling and tracking your daily steps, your calories, your workouts, your sleeping patterns, your water intake, staying safely away from chemical, toxic, and hazardous ingredients, focusing on deep, healing breathing, being aware of your stress levels, standing up straight, tackling any pain head on, pushing your physical activity further with optimal nutrition, sticking to your daily supplement program, inviting your closest loved ones into your healthier lifestyle, equipping your body’s defense system, and taking action for a greener environment and healthier future.

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