Traveling (In Time) Is Good For The Soul

This last week my husband and I took a trip back east, starting in New York City and ending outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both of those places hold significance from our pasts.

I lived, worked, and went to college in NYC for 4 years and I was able to share many of the sites that were part of that chapter of my life with my husband. It was emotional for me to revisit and bonded us closer together at the same time.

Mark’s father and family is from Punxsutawney, PA and this was the first time he had been back for a family reunion in more than 20 years. It allowed him to make connections with his cousins as an adult and feel a greater relationship with his roots. (Here he is with his father and uncle who are also twins.)

Traveling is good for the soul any time and anywhere, but some times it involves traveling back in time into your past, which can be a life-enhancing AND  healing journey.


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