Boldly Stylish Bravery

Some call it Fashion With A Cause. We have definitely embraced the idea of buying clothes, shoes, and accessories that in some way raise money for a charity. There are a lot of companies doing this now, which means there’s a lot of fashionable choices out there.

We found these bracelets online called Bravelets and bought a matching pair. It has a message that we live by , “Be Brave”, especially in recent years as we have faced some challenges together. We have become passionate natural health, environmental, and animal advocates so we love sharing this inspiring motto and wearing it for encouragement. You can pick your color, your materials (we went for the non-animal skin option), and the charity that your purchase supports (we chose an organization working to end greyhound dog racing and provide retirement and care).

Once upon a time fashion was just about fashion. But now it can mean so much more!

If you want to be more sustainable while you’re at it, here are our top 3 ways:

  1. Purchase second-hand from thrift stores, estate sales, or vintage clothing shops. So many styles never actually go out of style!
  2. Use a clothing swap service if you like to dress seasonally and more on trend. This way you get only gently used clothing and can pass on your gently used clothing to someone else instead of just buying more new “stuff”.
  3. Shop for sustainable fabrics and support designers/businesses that use/sell them. Some examples include bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton.

-Summer & Amanda

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