1 Million Steps in 100 Days

3 weeks ago, we started a sisterly Step Challenge together: to do 1 million steps in 100 days, which we use activity trackers and their apps to calculate. I have used the FitBit Surge for over a year now and I absolutely love it. I input my water intake, workouts, and watch my sleeping habits with it. I mostly use it to gauge my step count throughout the day, and it definitely has prompted me to push myself further to “hit” a certain amount in a day. I will be tired at night and still get myself to walk a little further, or go up and down the stairs just one more time.

You don’t have to charge it that often and when you do, it’s pretty quick. The app that it connects with wirelessly is very user friendly too. I wanted to use it for at least a year before weighing in on its overall effectiveness, function, and sustainability. Now I feel confident in saying this is the best brand of activity tracker I have purchased yet. The rubber band is only now starting to show some wear and tear after using it every single day. For now, a little glue has solved any deterioration starting. Previously I tried the UP band by Jawbone (broke twice in less than a year, they only replaced once) and the Basis band (the app is not as user-friendly).

In order to meet our Step Challenge, we need to do a total of 70,000 steps every week, which is 10,000 every day for all 100 days. In week 1, my total was 99,010 steps. In week 2, my total was 80,202 steps. And now for week 3, my total is 90,074. So far, so good. Maybe next time, we’ll shoot even higher for 2 million!

Excuse me while I go take a little stroll to the kitchen and bathroom and back.

-Summer (& Amanda)

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