When it comes to your weight, your energy levels, how good of shape you’re in, it’s really all just aspects of your overall health. It’s easier & more manageable to tackle these particular issues one by one, as achieving & maintaining optimum health is a journey. In the end, it’s your total well-being & quality then quantity of life that is the biggest picture, right?

Why does our health as human beings deteriorate? What is the aging process really about? Does it come down to our cells? There is no doubt that our lifestyle choices, especially about diet & exercise, contribute to our cellular health. What would it look like if your cells were only nourished & almost never compromised?

It looks like this woman here (below)! We can’t all have the lifestyle she has, certain genes to begin with, or avoid all pollution to our bodies, etc. But we can learn from her. Think of this as inspiration, then create your own pathway to health that you will be content to be committed to. It’s a lifelong path, but the destination will be worth it!

Watch the news clip here of this seemingly “ageless” woman in Florida…

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