New sugar substitute could be the riskiest ever, according to Dr. Douglass & the Douglass Report…

“The same company that gave us the dangerous sweetener aspartame is back with one hell of an encore.

It’s called neotame, and it’s like aspartame on steroids. It’s stronger, sweeter, more stable, and cheaper.

The only “-er” it’s missing is the biggest one of all — because it sure as heck isn’t safer. It has everything that’s helped link aspartame to more than 90 side effects, plus a frightening bonus: a chemical additive called 3,3-dimethylbutyl.

How toxic? Don’t ask the feds — and don’t even waste your time asking the NutraSweet Company, makers of both aspartame and neotame. They got this junk approved for use in your food back in 2002 based on fluff instead of science.

One of the main human studies lasted just 13 weeks, an utter joke when you consider that most people gobble artificial sweeteners day in and day out for decades at a time.

It’s up to 60 times sweeter than aspartame and 12,000 times sweeter than sugar. In real numbers, that means a 12-ounce soda would need just .0002 of an ounce of neotame.

Why am I pestering you with all these numbers? Not to show off my math skills — but to show you one of the craziest loopholes in the history of U.S. law: Those amounts are so incredibly small that the feds consider them to be “trace” ingredients.

And trace ingredients don’t have to be listed on the label.

So good luck trying to avoid this stuff. It could be in your food right now, and you won’t even know it.

There’s just one way to avoid neotame, aspartame, and all the other -tames out there, and that’s by sticking to a diet of real, fresh foods.”

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