Shaklee wants to support your weight loss!

Right now Shaklee is really trying to help support people losing weight with Cinch products by offering inspiration, a way to earn your own products, & even cash prizes up to $10,000! Check out these different announcements from Shaklee:

1. Cinch Transformation Stories on Roger Barnett’s Tour (He’s coming to our area in June!)

“Now you have 10,000 reasons to attend Roger’s Spring Tour this May. Ten thousand dollars that is!
In each of Roger’s Tour stop cities, we’ll be featuring some of the most inspiring Cinch Transformation stories you’ve ever heard …but we don’t know what they are yet. That’s because we want you to share your Cinch Transformation story with us. When you do, you could earn free registrations to our Global Conference, up to $10,000 in cash prizes, and the chance to rock the house on Roger’s Tour with your story!

To have your story considered, you’ll need to send in by April 15 your Cinch Transformation story in 300 words or less, with “before and during” photos or a link to a video on YouTube or Facebook to”

2. Laura Evan’s Cinch Story

“How did this mom of 3 with a full time job and busy travel schedule go from size 10 to size 2†?

Who do you know who would like to lose weight like Laura Evans did? Have them meet you on this webinar! In less than 30 minutes Laura Evans will inspire you as she talks about the steps she took in her own Cinch transformation – how she did it, her ups and downs, and her success on the Cinch plan. Laura also goes over the contents of the Cinch Transformation Pack and how you can use the Cinch promotion to help people first to get interested and then to get started with Cinch.”

3. Real Life Success Stories

And if you still need some more inspiration, just look at all these other people who have had success with Cinch! Their stories are amazing too.

Learn more in this short video…or share it with someone else!
We’re here to help you with whatever direction you want to take.

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