Maybe fundraising for a charity ride or walk/run isn’t your style. However, what about a way for your time spent sweating away that doesn’t just help you feel good from the inside, look good on the outside, but also DOES good?

Welcome to the Plus 3 Network!

You sign-up for free, log your exercise, and every mile on the treadmill or lap in the pool is translated into points. (If you verify your activity with a fitness tracking device, like a Garmin or an iphone, you score double.) The site’s corporate sponsors then convert those points into dollars and donate them to your favorite nonprofit. So far over 16,000 participants have stretched, jogged, and danced their way to more than $450,000 for great causes and groups, including local food banks, Greenpeace, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Why not? It’s win-win all the way around!

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