6 tips to start your day feeling fresh and energized


From the Blog Naturally

“Between work, kids, play, and a thousand other life responsibilities (adulting, am I right?), sometimes it’s not possible to get the recommended 7–8 hours of beauty sleep (Are you thinking, When was the last time I had that?).

Even if you don’t feel well rested, there are ways to lift your spirits and help you look great. These tips are perfect for those of you who might find it hard to get a consistent good night’s sleep.

  1. It’s all in the eyes.
    Your eyes reveal everything. Nothing says, “I was awake at 3 a.m” like dark circles and puffy eyes. What can help? A good eye cream, like our new YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment. It is a multitasking powerhouse that delivers powerful anti-aging benefits and visible solutions to tired, dry, or puffy eyes.
  2. Hydrate and moisturize.
    Your skin repairs itself overnight, so when you skimp on sleep, your skin can feel dull and dry. You may want to try products that exfoliate your skin and provide deep, long-lasting hydration. The Hydrate + Nourish Duo is perfect for providing the nourishment your tired skin is craving.
  3. Get the glow.
    A BB cream is an effective and quick way to get a little extra pep for your skin. YOUTH Activating BB Cream is a tinted 5-in-1 product that evens, hydrates, nourishes, and protects skin. And it provides SPF 30 protection. Nobody will be able to guess that you didn’t sleep well.
  4. Get an energizing boost.
    Need instant energy to kick-start your day? Forget coffee and amped-up sodas. Here’s a safe and natural way to head off the slumps when you need a quick pick-me-up—an exclusive blend of antioxidant-rich green, white, and red teas, as well as taurine, naturally boosts your energy and enhances alertness.
  5. Dress up.
    When we’re tired, we don’t feel like getting out of our comfy pajamas and slouchy tees. But that can just make us feel lethargic and lazy. Dress up a little to boost your mood and your energy. Wear your favorite outfit with your favorite shoes. Put on your BB cream, mascara, and favorite lip color and brush/curl your hair. When you look good, you feel good!
  6. Exercise.
    Feeling grumpy due to lack of sleep? All you need is 10 minutes in the morning. Exercising for even 10 minutes will increase your heart rate and make you feel refreshed and energetic. The added glow on your face is just another bonus. Here are some 10 minute exercises.

They say there’s nothing more restorative than a good night’s sleep—and we know it’s true—but when you can’t make it happen, take a few minutes the next day to enjoy one or more of these quick tips to look and feel a little more like you did.”

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