Drink Alkaline To Your Health

Have you heard about the body’s pH scale? About an acidic vs. alkaline internal environment? What about alkaline water?

I’m always down to try new things so I have been using the DYLN Living stainless steel alkaline water bottle, which “creates premium alkaline and ionized water wherever you are.”

These are the 3 features/claims:

-Increases the water’s pH to restore balance in your body

-Micro-clusters the water molecules so your cells hydrate more effectively

-Neutralizes free radicals with the power of living antioxidant water

So does it work? The short answer is that I don’t know for sure. I like using the bottle, it’s attractive and keeps my water cold and refreshing. I fill it with purified water since it doesn’t purify contaminates. And it holds at least 24 oz. Those are all good things.

In general, I practice a more alkaline diet since I eat a plant-based and try to eat minimal processed foods and sugars. I do believe that your digestive system and your immune system are closely tied and the best way to maintain healthy immunity is to nourish your cells. There is a lot of research to point to the fact that acidic foods do the opposite. So adding an alkalizing water into the mix is intriguing to me.

What do you think, interested or skeptical?


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