Perfecting the Protein Popsicle

Over the weekend, I squeezed hundreds of oranges. Well, maybe not that many, but A LOT. A whole crate full of fresh, super sweet, navel oranges. I made OJ (obviously), some of which went into a glass pitcher in the fridge and some into ice cube trays in the freezer for later. But I also attempted an inaugural batch of Vitamin C packed Protein Popsicles. They taste kind of like an Orange Julius meets Orange Creamsicle. The ingredients are simple: 4 squeezed oranges, 2 scoops of a vanilla flavored soy protein powder, 1 cup non-dairy milk (coconut is always good for something creamy), and water in the form of ice. Blend it up and then pour into some popsicle molds. I made this a couple times until I had filled 44! of these rainbow colored silicone tubes that stack on their sides.  Nature’s Kitchen makes these ones with FDA approved silicone that is safe for any kind of food and reusable and easy to wash. Now we have another quick, yummy, and healthy snack we can grab n’ go!

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