GoStak For The Go

Next week I have a 3 day business trip in the San Francisco Bay area. It’s short, not too far, and not so involved I need to pack many different kinds of outfits. But I still need to make the quick flight up and back and I don’t want to check any luggage for ease. So I’ve got to fit everything into 1 small carry-on suitcase. And that’s when the Blender Bottle GoStak brand containers come in very handy dandy! In the past I have used them for sorting my supplements by day, single serving protein powders I can just add water or dairy-free milk to, individual tea servings, my dog’s medications, and even for jewelry. I love how they are color coordinated too, in case you need that extra organization. But you can still clearly see what’s inside them. They can be stored vertically attached or loosely, but either way, they will fit nice and neat for my quick trip. What are your favorite packing tips for traveling?


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