Resolve To Use A Reminder Box


Happy 2016! Made those New Year’s Resolutions yet? I made 1. Instead of a long list like I have done in the past (I whittled a top 10 down to a top 5 which dwindled to a top 3 eventually), I chose 1 focus that sets a few key better habits into motion. I am calling it my Bedtime Reminder Basket, inspired by a Box that a Shaklee user posted about on Facebook.

Basically, today I put everything in my pink basket that I need to be reminded to do before I go to sleep every night. And set it on my side of the bed. (My husband gets the blue basket, which is already overflowing with books.) I tossed my current reading material in too, which are the only things I don’t need to actually be reminded about, but it’s always a priority at night.

The things I notoriously am “too tired” to take care of though are journaling, flossing, and my P.M. skin care routine. Guilty. So a fresh new journal and pen, some floss, and a Shaklee Enfuselle Hydrating Moisturizer are in there. “Summer, you need to wash your face and put on your night cream.” That’s what I’m hoping I will think and act upon when I see it. I also included my eye mask, my Hurraw lip balm, and room temperature water in a stainless steel water bottle to drink first thing when I wake up as part of it. I have been really spot on about using those 3 items so it’s also a reminder of what I have done well so far.

What healthier habits are you planning on implementing in 2016? Cheers to those!


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