Cold and flu season seems like such an abstract idea each year until…until you get SICK, right? Bad News: it’s begun all around us. Good News: there are natural things you can do to boost your immunity! Eating right, of course. Start everyday with a healthy breakfast. (Cinch smoothee anyone? Check out all the combinations you can combine with Shaklee’s Cinch for all kinds of health benefits.) Get in some exercise everyday, at least 30 minutes. Sleep, sleep, sleep 7-9 hours every night. And add the following Shaklee products, especially during this season: 1. Shaklee’s “Nutriferon”. Boost your interferon production. 2. Shaklee’s “Defend & Resist Complex”. Support your natural resistance. 3. Shaklee “Performance” for enhanced hydration. And here is a helpful recipe from one of our fellow Shaklee Independent Distributors that has been named “Purple Gatorator” by the children of the house. Everyday, you can drink this, even pack it to take to work or school. Crush 6 tablets of the purple colored “Defend & Resist Complex” and add to a batch of the orange “Performance” powder mixed with water in a pitcher. It looks and tastes like a healthier “Gatorade”. And it’s packed with a powerful immunity punch!

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