Seaweed: add it to your diet?

“Study Shows Seaweed Aids Weight Loss” By Michelle Schoffro Cook

“In exciting new research, scientist Morten Georg Jensen at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that alginate, a type of fiber found in brown seaweed, can help people lose weight when consumed regularly. He studied the effects of different doses over three years and determined that people ate less and felt less hungry when drinking fiber drinks with alginates.

In a 12-week study, he followed 96 overweight men and women who drank a beverage containing alginate or a placebo on a daily basis compared with those who drank a placebo lacking the alginate. Participants who drank the seaweed fiber lost almost four pounds more on average, due to a decrease in body fat, than those who had the placebo.

Dr. Jensen concluded in the study that the alginate may form a gel in the stomach which increases signals to the brain that a person is full.”

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