Our precision-based approach is a more sophisticated and robust way to create personalized recommendations, ensuring that every Meology plan considers all of the individual things about someone as well as how those things interact and come together to make them unique.

Meology also narrows from more than 110 MILLION possible supplement combinations and then refines through more than 640,000 unique decision points to create the plan that is just right for you.

Meology gives MORE precisely personalized nutrition than other personalized nutrition products on the market.

  • Take a quick online assessment
  • Get personalized supplements delivered monthly
  • Grab a daily dose pack each morning

Pick a Plan that Works for You
Starting at about $2 per day

Essentials Plan are the supplements that are most important and foundational for you

Recommended – Essentials Plus Plan includes everything in your Essentials Plan, plus additional targeted solutions for your needs and goals. All products are listed by importance, and you can edit what’s included.

Meology can also be paired with the Prove It Challenge for those interested in kick-starting their wellness journey with a 30-day challenge.

Get started today!

Take your assessment and order your supplement packs.

Use this link to take your Meology assessment and order your personalized supplement packs. You can also get there by logging into and selecting Meology from the top navigation.

Note:  Up to two people per Shaklee ID can take the assessment and order.  Each person must use their own login to to take the assessment and place their own order.  Meology orders cannot be combined into one order and will ship separately.  

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