Loyalty Updates on Shaklee.com

Exciting updates to the Shaklee.com shopping cart now allow One Time Adds to your Loyalty Order and a new, streamlined Loyalty Points redemption experience!

  • NEW! Easily add a one-time purchase product to an existing loyalty order.
  • NEW! Easily search for and redeem products with Loyalty Points during Checkout.
  • NEW! See the number of points required to redeem a product in Quick Shop
  • NEW! Products are now organized by how you are ordering them – Recurring Order Items, One-Time Items and Redeemed Items.
  • No need to toggle on and off to redeem Loyalty Points!
  • No need to update points every time you make a change at Checkout.

Good to Know

  • When redeeming Loyalty Points to pay for a product that’s part of your recurring monthly Loyalty Order, you may wish to remove that product from the Recurring Items list (or Save for Later), to avoid receiving two of the item, and paying for one of them. Then, once the order processes, add that product back to your recurring order.
  • Meology, Meology Kids and Meology Prenatal are an exception. These will automatically be added back to your recurring Loyalty Order after you’ve redeemed points for them.

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