Ready – Set – Wellness

For the introductory price of $169 the Ready Set Wellness Bundle provides new people starting with Shaklee a personalized path to true wellness and healthy habits in 5 minutes.

Just launched at Shaklee Global Conference, meet the new way for Members and Ambassadors to get started with Shaklee – Ready Set Wellness.

Plus, free shipping, free membership, 25 loyalty points to use on a future order with a $25 Star Bonus to the original sponsor.

More About Ready Set Wellness

Ready to have more energy, sleep better, live healthier, and feel younger? Set your personalized path to true wellness and healthy habits in 5 minutes. Wellness is in reach, with clinically proven products from the pioneers of wellness.

Step 1 – Take the Meology Assessment. Not interested in personalization? Choose Vitalizer.

Step 2 – Pick your Life Shake protein and flavor.

Step 3 – Choose your boost. Choose from one of the following:

  • 7-Day Healthy Cleanse – Feel better in one week. 
  • Collagen-9TM – Your daily beauty booster with all 9 essential amino acids.
  • Triple Defense Boost – Support, boost, and defend your immune
  • Organic Greens Booster – One scoop equals one cup of raw vegetables.
  • Sustained Energy Boost* Drink – Face each day with long-lasting

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