Shaklee personalized nutrition is now enhanced! Meology now allows customers and Members to share recent blood test results and DNA data to deliver even more precisely personalized nutrition recommendations.

Updated assessment

Features a brand-new section that’s completely optional and secure that allows you to manually input recent blood test results, including your blood lipids, your blood sugar level, and some nutrient status markers. You can also input your waist circumference measurement and your most recent blood pressure reading.

Upload nutrition-related DNA data

If you are one of the tens of millions of 23andme® or Ancestry® customers, you’ll also have the option to upload your nutrition-related DNA data to the Meology assessment.

These enhancements make Meology More Precise and More Powerful and supported by More Patents and More Proof.

  • More Precise – Our algorithm considers all the individual things about you, including optional blood test results and DNA data, as well as how it all adds up to make you, you.
  • More Powerful – Distills from over 110 Million possible combinations across 640,000 decision points to create your unique personalized daily supplement plan.
  • More Patents – Backed by 70+ patents/patents pending all over the world and powered by a patent-pending recommendation engine.
  • More Proof – The culmination of over 100 years of science and innovation supported by hundreds of clinical studies, including the Landmark Study, and thousands of tests for purity and safety.

Get started HERE.

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