Meology is now available for kids, too!

Meology Kids provides superior nutrition for kids ages 4+ with 100% DV of 8 core nutrients, 11 essential vitamins & minerals, and 3x more DHA + EPA than other leading gummies. All in one convenient daily pack that kids can design themselves.

Each Meology Kids daily pack includes:

  • Two Super Vitamin Gummies – You’ll love knowing your child is nourished, and they’ll love the Very Berry flavor! Our Super Vitamin Gummies contain core nutrients to help kids grow up well.*
  • One Omega-3 Gelly – Young brains and bodies need nutritional support to develop and function properly. With 3x more DHA + EPA,‡ one Omega-3 Gelly contains 300 mg of vital omega-3s to support brain, eye, immune, skin, heart, and joint health.* Plus, its Strawberry Lemonade flavor is a hit with the kids (and parents, too)!
  • One Super Immunity Gummy – Our Super Immunity Gummy packs a powerful combination of immune-supporting nutrients in a Cheery Cherry flavor that’ll put a smile on their face!*

Kids Can Customize!

Your kids will be able to design their Meology Kids daily pack by choosing their own icon and adding their name (or nickname!) Daily packs also include a mix of biology-based facts making for a fun and yummy experience.

Partnership with Vitamin Angels®

With every purchase of Meology Kids, Shaklee donates to Vitamin Angels® to provide life-changing nutritional support to a child in need. Vitamin Angels fights for a world where every mother has a healthy pregnancy and every child gets a chance at a healthy life. Founded in 1994, Vitamin Angels is a global public health and nutrition organization that delivers evidence-based nutrition interventions to underserved pregnant women and children under 5 in the United States and around the world. To learn more, visit


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