Time for a sugar/caffeine detox?


If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me or rely heavily on coffee to get you through the day, it might be time for a sugar/caffeine detox!

Our household started the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse this week and it always feels good to give the body a rest from addictions, processed foods, and other junk that tastes so good but can also NOT be so good for our organs. Especially after the holidays!

We are already plant-based eaters but you might just discover how tasty veggies and fruits are again on this Cleanse. Meat and dairy foods cause inflammation in the body and protein in general is taxing on our livers and digestive systems so there are many benefits to this Cleanse.

Here was our shopping cart full of all the rainbow food groups as we prepared for this week for a little inspiration!


Join the Cleanse here!

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