Out With The Old, In With The New Dream


Happy 2019!

I spent most of my 2018 growing a human for 9 months and relishing in the joy of his arrival in our lives these last 3 months. (Also dealing with remaining physical complications during the “4th trimester”.) But I had kicked off the year with a Shaklee Healthy Cleanse then delving back into the Shaklee 180 Weight Loss Program, along with working with a personal trainer at the gym initially. Just weeks later my main goal would morph into having a healthy pregnancy, which I did! And now I have a healthy, happy Shaklee baby as I look towards the future.

I will be kicking things off again the same way to pick up where I left off. And I am adding only one “resolution” to my other focus of mastering the challenges of parenthood: unsubscribe from the many email lists I am on that fill up my inbox daily! It’s just as time consuming to delete them continuously after all, so slowly but surely I am going to make a point to remove my email address permanently.

It took a decade for me to become a Mom. It’s now an equal part of me, as much as being a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Artist, Activist, and Entrepreneur is. So my new dream for this new year I guess would be a life without compromise, to move forward in my purpose, fulfilled in all the pieces of me!

What are your personal revelations as you close out your year?


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