Be Your Holiday Best


This time of year, immune health becomes a bigger nutritional concern with increased travel, activity and colder weather.

Good immune health starts with good nutrition and with the 1+2+3 Personal Health Plan. Shaklee has the framework to help people create the foundation for good nutrition with the flexibility to make seasonal and lifestyle adjustments.

Step 1 is our essential nutrition – Shaklee Life Shake and a Multi, whether that’s Life Strip®, Vitalizeror Vita-Lea®.

During the winter months Step 2 and Step 3 – The Targeted Solution and Boost – can be modified to provide immune support and additional energy during this hectic time.

Targeted solutions like CorEnergy® and Stress Relief Complex can be great offerings for those looking to survive the marathon of gift shopping, holiday gatherings and family visits.

Targeted solutions like Optiflora® DI and NutriFeron® as well as boosts like Vita-D3® and Sustained Release Vita-C® can be good solutions for those looking for greater immune support.

And for those who are sensing that first tickle, Targeted Solutions like Vitalized Immunity and Defend & Resist Complex can provide supercharged support.


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