Start With A Big Why


So you’ve decided to build a Shaklee business? Congratulations! We’ve outlined the practices that, when done consistently, will help you develop the competence, skill, and confidence that will produce lasting, sustained growth for your business.

The Path to Success

  • Creating interest and generating leads by sharing Shaklee in social, through events and as you meet new people
  • Discovering the needs of the people you meet and learn how you can help
  • Sharing more about Shaklee products and the income opportunity through one-on-one events, three-way calls and LYL events
  • Sponsoring new Distributors and enrolling new Members
  • Getting new people started with products or with a new Shaklee business
  • And helping new Distributors build, multiply and reap the rewards of a Shaklee business

We’re here to help! In fact, we’ve helped create hundreds of successful Shaklee Independent Distributors in the last 5 decades with this kind of duplicatable process. Contact us today!

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