Live Your Best Life Starting…NOW!


This month we’ll be joining 5,000 other Shaklee Independent Distributors for the annual Global Conference in Las Vegas. One of the most exciting aspects to every Shaklee Live is the reveal of new, innovative products that will be available as soon as they are announced. We’ve had a preview of many of them and as a teaser, here’s some things to anticipate:

  1. A whole new look for the packaging of all the nutritional/food supplements.
  2. Enhanced soy and pea plant-based formulas for our protein powder shakes that are BOTH vegan and delicious!
  3. A brand new digestive/immunity product.
  4. And multiple additions to the YOUTH skin care line that you will really love!

5. There has also never been a better time to join the business side of Shaklee! With many technological advancements and a clarified Path To Success, it’s really an investment in your financial future. There is no time like the present to seize the opportunity of a lifetime!

You can live your best life starting….NOW.

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