We Clean The Green Way For Our Shaklee Baby

With over 80,000 chemicals in widespread use and many making their way into cleaning products (often without being tested first), it makes sense to exchange your current cleaning products with green products.IMG_0591

The problems with synthetic chemicals are many. They can be harmful when manufactured, harmful when used, and harmful as they make their way down your drain and into the environment.

But what exactly is green cleaning?

Green cleaning generally means using cleaning solutions and products that consider human health and environmental impacts first. This doesn’t mean that cleaning effectiveness is not considered—it is. But when green cleaning manufacturers put together a cleaning product, they choose from ingredients that clean your house and those that don’t increase the toxic burden on your family or the environment.

Some people swear by the three masters of green cleaning: baking soda, vinegar, and lemons. While these do work, most of us are going to need to use products that have a bit more muscle behind them for those tougher jobs.

The good news is that green products have advanced a great deal in the last few years, and they clean well and are environmentally sound. There are green cleaning products for every cleaning need: from laundry, to dishwashing, to tile, to tub.

Multi-use products that can be diluted and used in many applications offer some of the best environmental benefits because they last a long time and reduce packaging.

If you are used to using cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals, there can be an adjustment period. Harsh chemical products simply don’t smell the same as natural ones—this is a good thing because many of the fragrances used in harsh chemical cleaners are also harmful to your health.

Go green!

The reasons for using green cleaning products are sound: when you use harsh chemicals to clean your home, it may look clean, but you have just filled your home with chemicals that may be harmful to you, your family, and the environment. The chemicals in many cleaning products are unnecessary, because there are good alternatives that don’t harm you or the environment.

For more information on green cleaning alternatives click here to learn about our Get Clean® line.

-Summer, Amanda, & Kenna (pictured, 14 months)

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