A Dental Year In Review


2017 is almost over and you’re probably taking stock as your prepare for 2018. There are so many things to reflect on in our lives, especially when it comes to our health and well-being. What you’re doing for your oral hygiene may be somewhat trivial, but still important!

This past year I had an experiment trying to find the best toothpaste to use (after running out of Shaklee’s Dentifrice now discontinued). In our house we tried these 3 pictured above over the months and we finally have a decision. The Trader Joe’s brand wins! They are all natural and fluoride free, the 2 top criteria. They all work well. But the Antiplaque Toothpaste has the best flavor (like licorice!), aftertaste, and consistency to us.

So as we head into a New Year, happy brushing!


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