Who Do You Think You Are?


Have you ever looked into your ancestral DNA? 8 weeks ago I sent in my saliva sample to Ancestry.com and my results are back. I was hoping for some big surprise, some unexpected ethnic origins, some fun fact to share with future generations about an unknown history until now. Alas, it was pretty much what I already knew: my DNA originates from Great Britain, Scandinavia (those Vikings!), Germany, and Ireland mostly. (My mother’s maiden name is Scottish, “Ewing”, and my maiden name is English, “Spink”.)

Does it change anything for me then? Not necessarily, as your ancestry is only one part of your identity. But it does serve as a reminder that we are more than just our current situation now, where we live, or our immediate family and friends and associates. We are all part of something bigger, a greater story of human evolution. And in that way, we are just one unique part of a beautiful whole.



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