Out with the old and in with the new! After much evaluation, we have decided to make several changes to our customer experience for 2017. We are making things simpler, easier, and more efficient for you to get the most value with Shaklee products and from a Shaklee business. Changes that go into effect January 1, 2017: 1. There will be no more monthly E-alert with our Specials & Events. We will only send these emails out occassionally when warranted. We hope you enjoy other relevant Shaklee reminder emails and our monthly digital Healthier You newsletter. 2. No more monthly product specials. We love all Shaklee products but we want the most customers possible to receive regular $avings and offering a discount on just 1 particular product a month is not benefiting as many people as we had hoped, so… 3. Instead, we are altering our Loyalty Program so there is an opportunity to earn $15 on your account with us EVERY month. Spend $100+ in a month and automatically receive $15 off your order, to be applied immediately! You can still take advantage of our Free Shipping policy, Free Nutritional Counseling, AutoShip discount, Referral Program, and earn Cash Back Bonuses as usual. 4. We will no longer have a business prescence on the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. (But you can still find us on Instagram @rleinc and LinkedIn!) We also are consolidating our current blogs, merging and removing our Tumblr and Blogspot blogs. So all you need to do is follow 1 blog on our website for everything there is to know! Subscribe and get our blog posts and updates delivered right to your email inbox. You’ll notice some other small modifications… 5. Our RLEI Review insert with your invoices will be getting a new look too. Stay tuned for that! And just a reminder- our Office location is open by appointment only but you can call and leave an order or message or email us 24/7. And our Shaklee Training Center is a meeting space available for events or Business Coaching, contact us to schedule anytime. We appreciate your business and look forward to another year serving you in good health! Happy 2017!

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