Reset to Amazing Week 12: trick them into taking those vita-treats

We’re going into Week 12 (again) of our Team RLEI Reset Program to Live Amazing that restarts every 100 days. This time around we are sharing weekly tips on how you can improve your score and health numbers. (Take the Shaklee HEALTHPRINT for your wellness assessment.) Follow along and transform your health! Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to get your children to fully understand the importance of nutrition. You can definitely teach them those healthy habits and offer them those healthy foods, but only some kids will take their supplements with glee. Some times they can be downright stubborn about it. So here’s some parental tactics to help you help your wee ones: 1. Use a powder multi-vitamin that dissolves in fresh juices. You can sneak it in super healthy combos of greens and berries. 2. Use a blender to break up tablets as part of yummy smoothies. Fruits, veggies, protein powders, and plant based milks will all disguise the extra nutritional goodness. 3. Or hide the taste of any vitamins by mixing them into applesauce or oatmeal. Try to make it just a regular part of the routine in their diet. 4. Set up a supportive structure and reward system, which is better than having to bribe them to do it. It doesn’t have to be just a chore though, it can still be fun!

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