the historical brunch n’ hike

On Easter we decided to take our Sunday brunch then hike adventuring to Los Angeles. After a pop-up buffet hosted by Southern Fried Vegan, we drove the short distance to the east side entrance of Griffith Park. Surprisingly we have only been there once before to explore the famous Griffith Observatory and had no idea this park was so vast with so many trails. We also were unprepared for the fact that there would be thousands of people there having picnics for the holiday. I have never in my life seen that many people in a park at one time, not even for a fair or festival. Driving through was overwhelming, especially as we attempted to find the parking lot closest to the ruins/remains of the original L.A. Zoo. We eventually did find the carousel (it’s definitely more than just a natural park, it’s part theme park too) and found a spot. Once you start heading into the green (and away from all the paved paths, lots, and people), it’s quite pretty considering you are in the heart of a major metropolis. It has many peaks and varying elevations but very little signage. We asked a fellow hiker who pointed us to the right dirt trail and soon we were winding around a bend that exposed the first of many haunting cages and animal enclosures. Now, as animal advocates, this was difficult to witness. It showed how painfully archaic and abusive the living quarters were for the zoo animals then, even though they were so well made and impressive at the time. The zoo closed in the 1960s and is still open in its present location nearby and what is left here is both fascinating and horrifying. Some times history comes alive and it’s not pleasant! Yet it was a lovely day for a short but informative hike. It was just the 3 of us and less than 1 1/2 miles but definitely worth the trip. We will be back to check out more of this intriguing park…

-Summer, Mark, & Amanda


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