Grandma always said stand up straight!


And now she is. With the help of this posture brace.

For those with poor posture, a posture support can help to improve posture by firmly pulling the shoulders back resulting in a taller, straighter spine. This is important to prevent gradual ‘hunching’ or ’rounding’ of the shoulders and upper back over time due to poor postural habits or fatigue.

*It is also important to note, however, that it is generally not advisable to constantly use a posture support as the body can become dependent on it. This typically occurs gradually over time, with excessive use, and may be due to a loss of spinal strength resulting from reduced muscular activation during brace use (since the brace already provides support). Weaning off the posture support is generally recommended as postural habits, strength, range of movement and symptoms improve.*

For now, you can find Amanda wearing hers temporarily while at work where some of her worst unconscious postural behavior happens at her desk. It’s a reminder to break bad habits and sit/stand up straight. Just like Grandma said. 🙂

-Summer & Amanda

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