New My 180 Tab On

“Great news! We’ve made the tools that support healthy weight loss with Shaklee 180® easy to find and accessible by everyone – with the new My 180 tab on Beginning May 1st, we’re updating the My 180 tab with all of the essential Shaklee 180 support tools – daily meal plans, recipes for entrees and Smoothees, exercise guidelines, calorie plans, healthy weight articles with motivation and tips, Turnaround™ Talk videos, and Support Call recordings. Having these tools centrally located in one place, and accessible to everyone regardless of purchase history, will help anyone who wants success with the program. Plus, the content is all mobile-friendly! New My 180 tab launches on Once this change is made, the Shaklee 180 App will no longer be supported. For those who want a robust weight loss and fitness tracking program online or in their smartphone, we recommend switching to MyFitnessPal – there’s a free version with a food database that includes Shaklee 180 products and offers many features like community, buddy system accountability, and synching to wearable devices like Fitbits. Take some time to explore the My 180 tab, and you will find: New My 180 tab launches on MyShaklee.comMeal Plans – Losing weight or getting lean? Pick the meal plan that is right for you. It’s important to us that everyone loses weight the healthy way. Recipes – Enjoy Smoothees, salads and main dishes chosen to help you reach your goal that fit a healthy lifestyle, while pleasing your entire family. Exercises – Need some “how-to” hints for staying active? The Activity chart will get you moving to a more active lifestyle, with a program that is just right for you. Health Tips – Want to learn new ways to help reach your goal? Get great tips to keep you on track. Testimonials – Ready for some inspiration? Take a few minutes to enjoy some wonderful Shaklee 180 success stories. New! Multimedia – For the first time, Shaklee videos and audio calls featuring Dr. Jamie McManus and special guests are posted in one location for easy access. Get enlightened and inspired by testimonials and informative Turnaround ™Talks.”

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