Walk It Off

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but you can start walking in a better direction… “With our go-go-go lives, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the world of smart phones, fast transportation, and instant gratification. And many people follow the go-big-or-go-home attitude in their exercise philosophy alongside all of this technologic stress. This means that, for many, gentle walking and spending time with your thoughts falls by the wayside. But walking is equally important for your mind and body — just as much as your CrossFit or yoga class. Plus, it’s free! The benefits of walking are oft overlooked, but here are 3 incredible reasons you should do more of it. Brain booster. According to a study from 2010, adults who walked for 40 minutes thrice a week over the course of a year exhibited brain growth in their hippocampus region. This is the region associated with spatial memory. That means the simple act of going for a walk a few times a week actually improves your brain function! Your brain needs exercise just as much as the rest of your body and, believe it or not, walking can improve both. Energizer. People with fatigue often can experience vast improvements when incorporating gentle daily exercise like walking into their programs. As opposed to intense bouts of cardio, which can sometimes make you feel more fatigued… and more hungry, walking is a nourishing workout that lubricates your joints and energizes your entire being without over stressing or exhausting it. It also helps with circulation of blood and lymph and can make you feel more awake and alert. What’s more, walking can be meditative, which helps to reduce stress levels and energize your mind — especially if you’re out in nature. Depression zapper. A 1999 study compared the effects of exercise, Zoloft, and a combination of the two on moderately depressed adults over time. The results were quite interesting. While medication may reduce the symptoms of depression more quickly, consistent exercise like walking squelches it just as effectively in the long term. The study showed that after 16 weeks there were no significant differences in the rates of depression between the groups. What’s more, after 10 months those who exercised without medication had significantly lower rates of depression than the other two groups. Even if you aren’t depressed getting out for a steady walk is a terrific mood booster. Walking also can boost creativity and overall happiness, so don’t let your morning stroll fall by the wayside. Get out there in the fresh air and cruise for a mile or two. It’ll do your body and mind some good.” From “3 Incredible Reasons You Should Walk More” By Jordyn Cormier

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