Wear Red For Your Heart Today, Shed A Layer To Lose Weight

“When it comes to weight loss, you are what you … wear. That’s right. Wearing certain clothes can help you shed pounds. And I’m not talking about binding yourself with cellophane or investing in hot suits to shed water weight. No, the clothes you wear to work or at home can affect your scale by helping you move more and eat less. Don Your Casual Clothes. Squeezing into tight, formal clothes makes you less able or willing to move. In fact, University of Wisconsin researchers found that when subjects wore comfortable, casual attire to work, usually on Casual Fridays or Jeans Day, they took almost 500 more steps and burned about 25 more calories each day. Wearing casual clothing every day for 50 weeks could help you burn an extra 125 calories per week and 6,250 calories per year, letting you lose almost two pounds just by wearing casual clothes. Wear Comfortable Shoes. The more comfortable your shoes, the more likely you will be to climb stairs to your office or to park farther from the market. If you love to move in heels, slip them on. But for most of us, comfort comes from a pair of properly fitting flats. On casual Fridays, slip on a colorful pair of trainers. Shed a Layer. When we’re slightly chilly, our bodies work harder to keep our temp at a steady 98.6 degrees. So take off that sweater or forget that cami that keeps you toasty all day. Also, turn down the thermostat to up your calorie burn. Pile on the Bangles. Nutritionists urge us to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay properly hydrated, which helps keep our metabolisms running at peak rates. To keep track of how much liquid you’re drinking, place eight pretty bangles on your right wrist, and each time you drink a cup of water, transfer a bangle to your left wrist. Not only will these bangles brighten any outfit, but they will be a visual reminder of how much you’ve sipped, and how much more you need to drink by the end of the day. Buckle on a Belt. Not only does donning a belt make you look slimmer, it’s a constant reminder not to overeat. Strive to keep your belt from feeling tight during and after meals.” From “The Right Clothes Can Help You Shed Pounds” By Lisa Kaplan Gordon

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