Overhaul It All One Step At A Time

“If you are experiencing any of these 5 signs, your diet and lifestyle may need an overhaul… stat! You’re bloated. The foods you eat and even the manner in which you eat them can lead to bloating. Foods sensitivities can often manifest as a bloated belly, but stress and fast, incomplete chewing can also be factors. Cut out processed foods, sugars and dairy (if you are possibly sensitive) and try eating a high quantity of fibrous veggies to flush out your gut. Also take to your doctor about considering adding a quality probiotic to your daily regimen. You’re irritable or moody. These are often the byproducts of chronic stress and fatigue. Headaches can also be stress or diet related, so take note. Try taking an Epsom salt bath to get a dose of calm-inducing magnesium and make an effort to stay clear of refined carbs and sweets, which can make matters worse. Instead, reach for healthy comfort foods like sweet potatoes and chia seed pudding. Your eyes are puffy. If you have been skimping on sleep or downing glasses of wine by the dozens each week, your bright eyes will suffer. Massage your face gently and fit in some gentle, highly mobile exercise — like yoga — to get your lymph system flowing again. Detoxifying teas that contain dandelion or milk thistle can also be beneficial for your overtaxed liver. But most importantly, relax and catch up on sleep! Your skin has dulled. An excess of salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can rob your skin of its luster. When your body is working extra hard to digest or process certain foods, your skin is one of the first areas to suffer. To avoid this, eat copious leafy greens and keep yourself supremely hydrated with plenty of water. Skin brushing is also a great way to encourage fresh cell turnover, encourage lymph flow, and keep your skin glowing and smooth. Your brain is foggy. Ditch the sugar! Granulated and raw honey both! The inability to think clearly or focus on simple tasks is usually a sign of a sugar overload and perhaps insulin sensitivity. Certain food sensitivities, like dairy, can also impair focus levels if the food is not avoided. Combine sugar/dairy avoidance with exercise and a fresh injection of creativity into your daily grind… you’r mind will be crisp again in no time!” From “5 Signs Your Lifestyle Needs an Overhaul” By Jordyn Cormier

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